The harmonious introduction of motorways under its care into the natural environment and continuous efforts to protect and promote the wealth of each region, in accordance with international environmental and social goals on sustainable development, are firm commitments of Kentriki Odos.

In that context and in recognition of our impact on the natural environment, we are implementing effective Environmental Management throughout all our activities, in order to reduce the environmental impacts and to rigorously comply with environmental legislation as regards works under our care.

For that reason we have developed and are implementing an integrated Environmental Management System (part of the Company’s Integrated Management System), which is certified in accordance with international standard ISO 14001:2015.

In the framework of the IMS and through its Integrated Quality, H&S, and Environment Policy, the company has committed to and is implementing programmes to provide continuous environmental training and to enhance the environmental conscience of its employees and partners, it is setting quantifiable targets and is working continuously to meet them, and it is implementing regular inspections to control the environmental conditions of the project and implement corrective and preventative actions where necessary.

At Kentriki Odos we make decisions mainly based on the protection of the environment, we continuously seek out and implement new ways to more effectively manage our raw materials, and to reduce our environmental impact, through smart waste reduction methods and through their sound management.

Lastly, in recognition of the ever increasing impacts of climate change, we are investing in works for environmental protection, more effective energy resource consumption and use of renewable sources, and we are systematically monitoring the environmental conditions and impacts of our project on the water, atmosphere, soil, flora, and fauna, in order to take the necessary measures to protect them.

We maintain an environmental protection culture in all our activities and protecting the environment is a top priority and the responsibility of Kentriki Odos, its employees, and its partners.