A motorway is like a living organism that works 24/7, 365 days a year. The Maintenance Department is the heart of this organism that meets all needs by always placing emphasis on safety and quality customer service.

Kentriki Odos implements a wide-ranging preventive and corrective maintenance program.

The preventive maintenance program includes, restoration of roadway damages, maintenance of channeling islands, of vegetation, and maintenance of all structures, motorway cleaning, all maintenance of electromechanical installations, safety equipment and motorway protection, irrigation and fire extinction system etc.

The improvement maintenance program includes roadway replacements, major interventions to technical works and buildings and all the investments necessary for the modernization of the electrical and mechanical installations and electronic equipment.

Special mention should be made to the needs during winter time when adverse weather conditions usually occur and in order to ensure the uninterrupted and safe operation of the motorway, the maintenance department is implementing a special winter maintenance program that provides:

  • Implementation of prevention methods for adverse road conditions like frost damage prevention before the appearance of snowfall phenomena
  • Supply of 1,000 tons of salt and continuous supply during winter time
  • Maintenance of 34 snow removal machines
  • Cleaning of manholes and drainage infrastructure
  • Salt filling stations
  • Improved horizontal and vertical reflective signage
  • Alert exercises with the involved bodies