>>Traffic Arrangements in the region of Fthiotida

Traffic Arrangements in the region of Fthiotida

Traffic arrangements will take place on A.TH.E motorway and specifically in the region of Stylida Tunnels, in order to proceed with road surface works.


Specifically, from October 10 to November 12, in particular from the 234km to the 237km, the following shall apply:


  • From 10 to 15 October, in the direction to Athens, left and part of right traffic lane will be partially closed, while left traffic lane in the direction to Thessaloniki will be closed.


  • From 16 to 29 October, in the direction to Thessaloniki, the said section will be totally closed and traffic flow of both lanes will be diverted to the motorway branch in the direction to Athens (traffic in both directions) and one traffic lane per direction will be available.


  • From 30 to 31 October, traffic in both directions will be diverted and channelled in the direction to Thessaloniki.


  • From 1 to 12 November, traffic flow in both directions will be channelled towards Thessaloniki, in order for the maintenance works to continue on toward Athens.


Kentriki Odos has taken all necessary measures for the safety of the drivers, while relevant temporary signs will be installed in the area to provide full information.


Kentriki Odos wants to thank the drivers for their understanding and also invites them to strictly follow the relevant signs and to show extreme caution.