>>Traffic Arrangements in the region of Thermopiles

Traffic Arrangements in the region of Thermopiles

Traffic arrangements will take place on A.TH.E Motorway, specifically in the region of Thermopiles, in order to proceed with elastomeric expansion joint maintenance works on the road bridge.

In particular, from Monday 05/02, to Friday 09/02, at the 205km, the right traffic lane as well as the Emergency Lane (LEA), direction towards Lamia, will be closed. During the above period, traffic flow will be channelled normally towards left lane.

Finally, we would like to point out that traffic flow towards Athens will not be affected by the aforementioned traffic arrangements.

Kentriki Odos has taken all necessary measures for the safety of the drivers, while relevant temporary signs will be installed in the area to provide full information.

Kentriki Odos wants to thank the drivers for their understanding and also invites them to strictly follow the relevant signs and to show extreme caution during their passage from the said section.