>>Vision, Mission, Values

Vision, Mission, Values

Our vision

We are determined to change the map of Greece and to become a model for our industry.

We create value for the country, our local communities and shareholders, a primary means being our people’s commitment, expertise and knowledge.

Our mission

We offer highest levels of safety, together with top quality services. We pursue excellence in the operation and maintenance of our motorways. We recognize the absolute need to protect the environment; we take care of our people and we contribute to the country’s sustainable development.

Our values

  1. Efficiency and effectiveness:
    • We work daily toward a goal of development, balancing risks with opportunities.
    • We strive for innovation and the continuous improvement of our performance.
    • We optimize the use of our resources, providing value to shareholders and stakeholders.
  1. Responsibility:
    • We work in the interest of public well-being and environmental protection.
    • We are fully committed to meeting our responsibilities towards our customers.
    • We encourage our people to take on responsibilities to further our organization’s success.
  1. The strength of our people:
    • We acknowledge effort, recognize talents and support their development.
    • We operate as a team, united with common goals.
    • We appreciate different viewpoints and support constructive arguments as a means of effective cooperation.
    • We respect, care about and support our team members.
  1. Integrity:
    • We focus on building and maintaining bonds of trust with our customers and partners.
    • We encourage sincere cooperation and communication with all our partners.
    • We operate in a fair and transparent way, with a focus on business ethics.